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return {
	'Transcript:Poultry, Dragons and Zombies',
	'Transcript:Magic, Hans and Bankers!',
	'Transcript:Barbarians, Tree Spirits, and an embarrassed Demon!',
	'Transcript:Goblins, globes and golems!',
	'Transcript:Chaotic chat, family trouble and secrets revealed!',
	'Transcript:Me! Oh, and a few others.',
	'Transcript:May Mixup!',
	'Transcript:Pull the udder one!',
	'Transcript:Sawdust, Wallbeasts and Kebabs!',
	'Transcript:Jellies, Rocnars and Rantz gets literate!',
	'Transcript:Baba Yaga, Hill Giants and correct pronunciation!',
	'Transcript:Rats, Pirates and the Wise Old Man!',
	'Transcript:The Evil Chicken defends his reputation.',
	'Transcript:The woeful tale of the bunny ears.',
	'Transcript:Property Law and Vampyres.',
	'Transcript:You enjoy Postbag from the Hedge.',
	'Transcript:Happy Birthday, Mr Elemental.',
	'Transcript:Melzar\'s Mad Musings.',
	'Transcript:The vampyres explain themselves',
	'Transcript:Tales from earlier ages',
	'Transcript:What will happen to the pie?',
	'Transcript:Wise old musings and demonic drills',
	'Transcript:Spooky goings on!',
	'Transcript:The trouble with trolls',
	'Transcript:Creatures great and small, and the end of the year!',
	'Transcript:Fashion, imps and one very relaxed chinchompa...',
	'Transcript:The Wise Old Man needs you...Part Two!',
	'Transcript:You shall not pass!',
	'Transcript:A message from the wire.',
	'Transcript:Ectofuntically friendly',
	'Transcript:*sips tea*',
	'Transcript:We\'ve deliberated, cogitated and digested.',
	'Transcript:A SUBLIMINAL EVIL MESSAGE: Read this postbag!',
	'Transcript:But how do you pruh-nounce Rell-doh?',
	'Transcript:I\'ve got a Fiara in my heart for you.',
	'Transcript:Are you sitting funkily? Then we\'ll begin.',
	'Transcript:What\'s the matter, Jad? Chicken?',
	'Transcript:Who is the greatest of them all?',
	'Transcript:Previously, in Dorgesh-Kaan.',
	'Transcript:Anarchy in the KGP.',
	'Transcript:A NOTE FROM YOUR MUM.',
	'Transcript:Postbag suffers from feature creep.',
	'Transcript:Postbag from the Heim.',
	'Transcript:Letters are read, postbag is due',
	'Transcript:It begins again...',
	'Transcript:Grumpy mermaids and sleepy dragons.',
	'Transcript:Super Monkey Bauble'