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Isto é uma subpágina de documentação para Predefinição:USERNAME.
Contém informações de uso, categorias e outros conteúdos que não fazem parte da predefinição original

{{USERNAME}} displays the username of the user viewing the page. It relies on MediaWiki:Gadget-Username.js.

If the user is not logged in, then the template will display <insert name here>. You can control the text by adding a parameter to the template with a value of the default text. For example, {{USERNAME|foo}} outputs "foo" if the user viewing it is not logged in.


{{USERNAME|fallback (optional)|type=(optional)}}

The type parameter is optional. If left blank, the placeholder text will be replaced with the viewer's wiki username (if logged in). If filled in with type=insertrsn, the placeholder text will be replaced with the viewer's in-game username, which is retrieved from localStorage (assuming the viewer has entered it into one of our calculators before).


Code Gives
{{USERNAME}} <inserir nome aqui>
{{USERNAME|Zezima}} Zezima
{{USERNAME|type=insertrsn}} <inserir nome aqui>
{{USERNAME|Ian Gower|type=insertrsn}} Ian Gower