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Módulo:Farming rate calculator
param=farm_level|Nível de Agricultura|99|int|1-150|99=cape
param=farm_xp|Experiência em Agricultura|13034431|int|1-200000000|13034431=cape
param=target_level|Nível de Agricultura|99|int|1-150
param=target_xp|Experiência em Agricultura|13034431|int|1-200000000
param=base_method|Tipo|Agricultura|buttonselect|Agricultura, Projeto de Obra Rural|Agricultura=farmgroup;Projeto de Obra Rural=pofgroup
param=farmgroup|Agricultura||group|plots, payment, bushes, compost
param=plots|Canteiro|Lotes|select|Todos, Lotes, Arbustos, Flores, Habitat de Herbologia, Ervas, Lúpulos, Árvores, O Arco, Outras plantas|Bushes=bushes;Trees=trees
param=payment|Pagamento|Sim|select|Sim, Não||Usado para determinar se o custo de pagamento deve ser incluído nos cálculos de lucros/perdas
param=bushes|Replantar arbustos|Não|select|Não, Sim
param=trees|Replantar árvores frutíferas|Não|select|Não, Sim
param=compost|Adubo utilizado|None|select|Nenhum, Adubo, Superadubo, Ultra-adubo
param=pofgroup|Projeto de Obra Rural||group|animals, shiny, age, trait1, trait2, trait3, happiness, health, cursestog
param=animals|Método|Raising|select|Raising, Curing, Manure
param=age|Estágio de crescimento|Baby|select|Bebe, Adolescente, Adulto, Idoso||Usado para determinar a quantidade de EXP ganha com a "curing"
param=trait1|Traço 1|Nenhum|select|Nenhum, Giver, Limited Efficiency, Taker
param=trait2|Traço 2|Nenhum|select|Nenhum, Giver, Limited Efficiency, Taker
param=trait3|Traço 3|Nenhum|select|Nenhum, Exalted, Freak of Nature, Giver, Limited Efficiency, Nice but Dim, Taker
param=cursesgrp|Curses||group|head, eyes, legfeet, stomach
param=head|Head|Nenhum|select|Nenhum, Breath smells deeply unpleasant, Breath smells normal, Breath smells oddly like socks, Can`t seem to spot anything immediately obvious, Coughs as you try and examine it, Coughs in your face, Coughs loudly in a `hu hu huuu` style, Faint light deep within the animal`s throat, Gums appear to be a little sore, Gums appear to be healthy, Keeps making noises at embarrassing moments, Nasty looking marks along the gum line, Nose is lumpy, Nose is very dry, Nose seems fine, Occasionally mumbles, Refuses to let you see its nose, Smells faintly of sulphur, Sneezes in your face, Suffering from a small fever, Teeth click in a sinister manner
param=eyes|Eyes|Nenhum|select|Nenhum, A little bloodshot, Can`t seem to spot anything immediately obvious, Eyes seem normal, Faintly glowing, Filled with mirth, Filled with uncharacteristic malice, Keep darting around, Seem a little glazed over, Seem fine
param=legfeet|Legs & Feet|None|select|None, A little soggy for some reason, A little unsteady on its feet, Are clammy, Are faintly chewed on, Are very warm to the touch, Are very sweaty, Are tapping to a strange rhythm, Can`t seem to spot anything immediately obvious, Legs click as it walks, Legs seem a little stiff, Legs seem fine, Seem a little scuffed, Seem fine
param=stomach|Stomach|Nenhum|select|Nenhum, Appears to be a little bloated, Appears to be shivering, Body is making a weird clicking noise, Body is slightly swollen, Can`t seem to spot anything immediately obvious, Coughs regularly, Doesn`t appear to be in gastronomic distress, Emissions smell strangely of shoes, Has a bit of gas, Making strange noises, Off its food, Suffering from nausea
param=outfit|Farmer's Outfit Pieces|Nenhuma|select|Nenhuma, 1 Parte, 2 Partes, 3 Partes, 4 Partes, 5 Partes
param=urns|Urnas|Nenhum|select|Nenhum,Urnas,Urnas + Enhancer
param=cape|Smithing Skillcape|false|check|1,0
param=bonustog|Other bonuses and boosts|false|toggleswitch||true=bonusgrp
param=bonusgrp|Other bonuses and boosts||group|avatar,pulsecore,cindercore,dxp,custom
param=avatar|Avatar Bonus|None|select|None,3%,4%,5%,6%
param=pulsecore|Advanced pulse core (%)|0|select|0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
param=cindercore|Cinder core (%)|0|select|0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
param=dxp|Double Experience Weekend|false|check|1,0
param=custom|Aumento de XP personalizado (%)|0|int
param=bxp|Experiência bônus|false|check|1,0|true=bxpnum
param=bxpnum|Quantidade de experiência bônus|0|int