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Welcome to the Wiki Project The Elder's Tasks. Your contributions are of great help. Aid us to create and fix pages that are of the most interest to the players.

Check the project's table to check which tasks have the highest priority or maybe to look for inspiration on what to edit. If you didn't read the article abot Wiki Project, please do so at Wiki Projects.

This is a Wiki Project whose main objective is to list and organize the main pages that need to be created via a list of tasks, classifying them by a score system Taijitu.png – the "Tokkens". This system serves to show the engagement of each user, and reflects the level of difficulty/importancy of each task, where tasks are based on the public's interest of having said content in the Wiki.

Browse through the menu below to inform yourself of the active tasks or read the entire article to learn more.

General Informations

Last added tasks

14 November 2020

Next task addition


  • The project was officially created on 18 September 2020.
  • The project has a total of 2 Managers.
  • The project has already provided a total of 1233 tasks.
  • The project has a total of 779 active tasks.
  • The project has already completed 454 tasks.
  • The project has already had the help of 15 different users.
  • The project has already distributed a total of 17986 Tokkens.
  • The project has already had a total of 1 restarts of ID's.


How to participate

To partake in the project and start collecting Taijitu.png Tokkens, all it takes is to start editing the pages listed in the task's list. After you finish a task, go to one of the project's coordinator's discussion page and leave a message saying which task you've completed, following the example:

* '''TASK'S ID''' - User's name;

PS.: It may take a few days to verify the conclusion of the task(s).


The Tokkens are points you obtain after fishing a task, and can only be given by a project coordinator. Tasks with a higher difficulty level award more Tokkens. The user can add an "userbox" from the project to their user page (the code to be placed is as follows) and will automatically display their amout of "Tokkens" accuried.

{{Userbox/Wiki Project TdA|nome=YOUR_NAME_HERE}}


In this section you will find the avaliable tasks that need completion, where each will have it's own ID, used to identify them upon completion as discussed above.

    • Task's value
    The Tokkens system follows a few rules. As it can be seen in the table below, there's 5 levels of difficulty, where "extreme" tasks are way more uncommon than others, for example.
    Difficulty Awarded Tokkens
    Very easy 5-35
    Easy 35-95
    Medium 100-200
    High 205-500
    Extreme 505+
    • New tasks

    The porpouse of the project is to have new tasks every week. That being said, if it happens that alot of leftover tasks from a prior week are still incomplete, no new tasks would be added until a significant portion of the current ones are completed.

    • Task's class

    The task's relevancy also defines it's class, being devided in C, B, A or S, where each is identifiable by a different color as per the following table:

    Class Relevancy
    C Low
    B Medium
    A High
    S Extreme

    • Task's ID

    Every task has an ID. It is it's identity code, used when you want to report that a task is completed, as shown above.

    Every ID is, eventually, reset. For example, if a task is to create a page related to an item from the Fishing skill, then this task would recieve the ID FI-002, as in "fishing item", and if one day this is the last one from its list of tasks, then it'd be changed to FI-001 along with new tasks being added to that list.

List of Tasks